By virtue of IATF Resolution No, 128, select foreign family members of Filipinos with valid 9a visas may be allowed entry to the Philippines without the need of an Entry Exemption Document (EED) or Travel Ban Exemption (TBE) document from the DFA starting August 1, 2021. This covers only foreign spouses, parent/s, and/or Filipino citizens only. The IATF did not specify this would apply only minor children of Filipino nationals or if it covers all children regardless of age.

Prior to the said resolution, said foreign nationals are required to secure an EED or TBE from the DFA prior to being issued an entry visa from their country of origin. With this development, they would just have to provide legitimate proof of filiation to a Filipino national as required by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate and their entry (9a) visas shall bear the notation: “EED no required per IATF Resolution No. 128 (s.2021)”.