Once a natural-born Filipino became naturalized as a foreigner, he/she are deemed to have lost their Philippine citizenship. However, these individuals may retain or re-acquire their Filipino citizenship by filing a Petition for Retention/Re-Acquisition of Philippine Citizenship Under R.A. 9225 or what is popularly known as “Dual Citizenship”. The individual may re-acquire Filipino citizenship without being required to renounce his foreign citizenship.


Under the said law, former Filipinos and their unmarried children below eighteen (18) years old may apply for retention/re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship as long as the principal applicant can prove that he/she was a natural-born Philippine Citizen.

Why Re-Acquire Philippine Citizenship?

By retaining/re-acquiring Philippine citizenship, he/she may enjoy the rights and privileges of a Filipino citizen without residency requirement such as owning a real property in the Philippines, deal in business as a Filipino, and practice their profession as long as they are licensed to do so by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) or the Supreme Court for law practitioners. He/she will also regain the right to vote in Philippine elections and participate in political activities. The right to run for public office, however, requires renunciation of foreign citizenship.

Requirements and Application Process

As proof of being a former Filipino citizen, the applicant should be able to present a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) copy of birth certificate, latest Philippine passport held or equivalent documents, as well as his/her foreign naturalization certificate and passport.

Avenida and Diaz Law Office assist with the entire process from documentation to oath-taking and issuance of Identification Certificate.


Republic Act No. 9225: Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003

BI Checklist of Documentary Requirements for Petition for Retention/Re-Acquisition of Philippine Citizenship Under R.A. 9225

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