The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) released Resolution No. 94 which extends the on-going travel ban on foreigners from the following countries until 31 January 2021:

    1. United Kingdom
    2. Denmark
    3. Ireland
    4. Japan
    5. Australia
    6. Israel
    7. The Netherlands
    8. People’s Republic of China, including Hong Kong SAR
    9. Switzerland
    10. France
    11. Germany
    12. Iceland
    13. Italy
    14. Lebanon
    15. Singapore
    16. Sweden
    17. South Korea
    18. South Africa
    19. Canada
    20. Spain
    21. United States of America
    22. Portugal
    23. India
    24. Finland
    25. Norway
    26. Jordan
    27. Brazil
    28. Austria
    29. Pakistan
    30. Jamaica
    31. Luxemburg
    32. Oman
    33. United Arab Emirates
    34. Hungary
    35. Czech Republic – added as per Memorandum from the Executive Secretary dated Jan 26 2021

Aside from barring foreign arrivals directly from the above-listed countries, the current ban also affects those who came from these countries within 14 days from arrival in the Philippines. Example: a foreign national who came from Japan and made a side trip to Indonesia before coming to Manila would not be allowed entry if his departure from Japan is less than 14 days from his arrival in the Philippines.

This also covers foreign nationals who hold valid visas which were previously exempted from the travel ban.

Processing of Travel Ban Exemption (TBE) request from travellers from any of the countries included in the ban is temporarily suspended until further notice as the DFA has also temporarily suspended grant of exemption for foreigners from said countries.


Inter-Agency Task Force Resolution No. 94 Series of 2021

Memorandum From The Executive Secretary: “Additional Measures to be Observed Relative to the New SARS-COV-2 Variants”. 15 January 2021