The Bureau of Immigration released Operations Order No. JHM-2019-011 stating the Annual Reporting (AR) 2020 Guidelines. The AR period is from JANUARY 2, 2020 to FEBRUARY 29, 2020 only.

Who Are Required To Do AR?

All registered aliens or ACR I-Card holders for long-term visas such as TRV, PR, Working Visas (9G, 9D), etc.

I’m on a Tourist Visa but was issued an ACR I-Card. Am I also required to do AR?

No. Tourist I-Card holders are not required to do AR.

I can’t personally go to the Immigration Office, can I still do AR?

If you satisfy below conditions, you may be exempted from personal appearing at the Immigration Office for AR 2020:

    1. Age is below 14 years old;
    2. Age is above 65 years old;
    3. Mentally or physically incapacitated, provided that PWD ID is presented;
    4. Pregnant or sick during the AR 2020 period, provided that the following will be presented: a) a medical certificate issued by the OB-Gyne or hospital where the registered alien is confirmed and b) one-week advance written request for exemption duly approved by the Alien Registration Division (ARD) Chief.

Aliens who are exempted from personal appearance may file AR through their authorized representatives by submitting a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with a valid government issued ID of his/her legal representative along with the other requirements below.

Requirements for AR 2020:

    1. Original ACR I-Card or original paper-based ACR;
    2. Valid original passport;
    3. Re-stamping of the new RA 7919 security visa imprint (only for RA 7919 visa holders)

*Avenida Law’s Tip: Best if you can bring proof payment of previous year’s AR.

What should I expect if I fail to do AR during the prescribed period?

    1. Fine of Two Hundred Pesos (Php200) per month of delay in addition to the assessed AR fees. Note that a fraction of a month is considered one (1) month.
    2. Requirement to file a Motion for Reconsideration (MR) with explanation for belated compliance. Estimated fee associated with the MR is Five Hundred Ten Pesos (Php510)

What if I don’t do AR at all?

Failure to comply with the AR requirement shall be subjected to penalties and/or imprisonment at the discretion of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration.

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